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One might ask why pin striping and caligraphy graphics matter? We love that question and heres the answer, just like looking at a beautiful woman it's all about the accentuating the curves! At Daves Tops and Trim we understand that sometimes having that one of a kind look that enhances the look and feel of your car, truck, motorcycle or boat is as simple as highlighting what is already there.

Pin Striping is the process of using high end, automotive grade acrylic paint or vinyl stripes to create visual lines of the curves and accents on many surfaces but most commonly on vehicle bodies. Pin stripes come in most common colors and can be as simple as straight lines to intricate swirls and curves.

Here is an example of color accent with fine line detail used to highlight the hood lines and curve of a customized 1983 Beetle. Many patterns for pin striping can be bought ready to install but in most cases pin striping is discussed with the customer, designed and installed by a proffesional pin striping installer. You may click on the image to view a larger resolution.
Pin striping is an accent and highlight decoration for all types of curves and as such it is great for motorcycles, tri-wheels and trikes. Each pinstriping design is unique, creating a personal touch to any motorcycle. Since pinstriping designs are so intricate, no one design looks the same. You can create pinstriping designs using templates with grooves, tape stencils, or the most difficult method, freehand. Each pinstripe design consists of two colors: the main body and the line. With either method, your vehicle will stand out and show your personalized style.
Accent Striping gives simple flair and style to your vehicle, combined with viynl graphics and text and you have a complete, personalized package to display. We offer most pin striping for cars and trucks at

to $45.00

Some colors and designsare considered specialty striping, call us to discuss specifics and we will be happy to provide a free quote.

Daves Tops and Trim is proud to be your source for professional pin striping and accent marking for your vehicles. Call is today at: